Hello, this is Phil Tran. I want to thank the American Football Coaches Association for inviting me to speak at the 2019 AFCA Convention. I enjoyed interacting with the audience and sharing my championship-winning strategies. I especially want to recognize my old Baylor Football teammate and AFCA Director of Coaching Education Mario Price for introducing me to the audience. I am honored.

Football coaches, do yourself and your players a favor by joining the AFCA. Make every effort to attend the AFCA Convention every year. Unless you are coaching in the CFP National Championship or the NFL Playoffs, you need to be at the AFCA Convention. With nearly 10,000 high school, college, NFL, CFL, and international coaches in attendance, the networking and continuing education opportunities are unparalleled at the AFCA Convention. I think back to my first ever AFCA Convention in 2007 in San Antonio. My knowledge, confidence, and conviction as a football coach and leader has increased exponentially since then thanks in large part to my involvement with the AFCA. Join the AFCA today at AFCA.com. I will see you all at the 2020 AFCA Convention in Nashville, TN.