This past Monday, I attended the Baltimore City Fellowship of Christian Athletes banquet. Sitting at my table right next to me was Alonzo Lee, 31-year HBCU coaching veteran, 7-time MEAC Champion, and Eastern Illinois football letterman and NCAA Division II National Champion. 

Sitting next to such greatness, I asked Coach Lee one question. What is the best advice you can give to an Assistant Football Coach who aspires to be a Head Football Coach and by extension, what is the best advice for anyone looking to take it to the next level? 

His answer is that, “you are always being interviewed.”  

To my athletes and my colleague mentees, this is the exact same message I have long preached! 

Your life is a job interview.  Everyday, you are being interviewed by how you do your job and how you comport yourself on and off the field.  

Carry yourself with upstanding moral character. Work with diligently everyday. If you understand that everyday is an interview and build a strong professional network, everything will work itself out in due time. 

Eventually, you won’t have to find opportunities. The opportunities will find you. That is your pro tip for the day.