I have been selected as the 2019 Maryland Coach of the Year by the National High School Strength Coaches Association. This is an honor and achievement for which I have tremendous gratitude.  

First, allow me to acknowledge the outstanding National Conference which the NHSSCA organized.  Fred Eaves, Athletic Director of Battle Ground Academy in Franklin, TN, was an excellent host along with founding members Gary Schofield, Kevin Vanderbush, and Rich Gray.  Eamon O’Liddy is a great leader for the NHSSCA Maryland chapter.  We all benefitted from the knowledge that was gained and the networking that was developed at the conference. It was an honor to share the stage with all the other impressive award winners.

I have enjoyed every one of my coaching stops in all sports, male and female, and learned much from all of them. Every experience has made me a better coach for which I am grateful. I appreciate the confidence from all the sport coaches who saw fit to have me coach strength for their teams. Thanks to all the parents who entrusted me with the athletic development of their children in both the high school setting and with my personal training business.  

Thanks to Baylor Football.  I am not who I am without my college football playing experience.  Head Coach Guy Morriss and wife Jackie Morriss, Assistant Head Coach Gerald Carr, and the rest of the staff made an indescribable, permanent, and positive impact on my life.  My dedication to strength and conditioning under the direction of Head S&C Coach “Big John” Williams and Assistant S&C Coaches Shaun McPherson, Torre Becton, Tanna Burge, and Danny Capps inspired me to get my CSCS, be a strength coach in the schools and the private sector, and be the best strength coach I can be.  Sic ‘em Bears.  

Thanks to the American Football Coaches Association, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the National High School Strength Coaches Association.  If you are serious about improving your craft to benefit your athletes, you need to be serious about networking, professional development, and continuing education. Through these organizations, I am grateful to have a worldwide network of football coaches, strength coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and sports doctors who are all much smarter than me and with whom we can share ideas and engage in fellowship.

Thanks to my NSCA Maryland State Advisory Board members who make me look good as NSCA Maryland State Director; Kelley Crowe, Mary Clare McFadden, Marisa Viola, Andrea Eisgruber, Keith McKelphin, Larry Harris, and John Philbin.  We are a fun bunch and together, we organized and hosted the largest ever NSCA Maryland State Clinic to coach the coaches this year.

Finally, thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Special recognition go to the sports ministries; Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Athletes in Action, and Catholic Athletes for Christ.  I teach strength; physical, mental, and emotional strength.  However, the most important strength I can teach is strength in Jesus Christ.  That is our true strength through the wins and inevitable losses on this Earth. Ultimately, by the grace of God, it is our strength that guarantees eternal victory.  This is why I coach.