PT Strength, LLC

“I teach strength – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength.” – Phil Tran, JD, MSED, CSCS,*D

PT Strength, LLC was founded by Baylor football letterman, veteran strength coach, and championship-winning high school football coach Phil Tran to provide the most proficient and professional strength and conditioning and personal training services to help you achieve your athletic and fitness goals. We have successfully designed safe, efficient, and individualized workout programs for ladies and gentlemen of all ages and for athletes of all sports. We are especially skilled in training elite male and female athletes at the high school and college level (Div. I, II, & III), guiding the long term athletic development of younger male and female athletes, and assisting adult females with their fitness goals. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Football Coaching

We also provide football skills development for football players of all ages at all positions. Coach Phil Tran is an accomplished football coach and strength coach. Coach Tran is experienced, knowledgable, and qualified to coach all positions on the gridiron and utilizes an interdisciplinary studies approach to coaching football players. Coach Tran privately mentors athletes in person in Maryland, DC, and VA. Clients develop not only as football players, but as strong, well-rounded, and intelligent individuals. During the football offseason, Coach Tran is a respected speaker and consultant. Contact Coach Tran today to take your game to the next level!

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